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Youth Retreat

I want to thank you for the beautiful performance you gave at the Lincoln Center in Fort Collins, Colorado a couple of weeks ago.  I was one of your spotlight operators, and it was the most moving performance I have ever had the pleasure to be a part of. Your profound honesty and the grace and depth of your expression that you gave to those young people was sublime, the like I have never seen before.  They were very fortunate to have had that experience, as was I.

I cannot thank you enough for having the courage and insight to be sharing so much of yourself with this world. I wish you the best in every moment. God bless you.


You didn't meet me, but you met my son and boy was he impressed by you.  Bryan is my real son, but most of the kids on the Montreat trip from Arkansas I call mine.  I usually come on the trip and work with the Arkansas Presbytery kids a lot so I was really excited to hear about the trip.  The overall, hands down, winner of the stories they brought back to me was jamming with Paula!  Thanks for touching my son's life.  He has had some rough things happen to him, and last year was very close to falling through the cracks.  He now has a better vision, but at 18 he is still searching hard and the Montreat trip always touches their life so powerfully.  It is through interactions with awesome people like you that makes such an impact.  So I am writing to express my gratitude to you, and to tell you I hope to meet you some day, to hear your music and to listen to your stories.  Thank you so for touching my son's life.  I thank God for you.

Karen H.

p.s. Your CD is great. Bryan shared it with me

                                          Montreat West Youth Retreat

                                                           Photo by Cindy B. Edwards

Re: Mary Reynolds Babcock Foundation
Annual Gathering for Grantees   

Sent: Thursday, May 05, 2005 1:33 PM
Subject: thank you thank you thank you


Just a quick note to thank you, as always, for your role at the Gathering.  Your skills for integrating music and culture into our annual gathering is a big part of our success, and youíre always a favorite of new and returning participants.  Every year you do something new that amazes me, and this year it was watching how you integrate some seemingly random event into a song, mid-stream, without missing a beat and only to strengthen your message!  You did it first in announcing Brynnís fellowship and then, during the SODI meeting, in connecting a childís bug watching to the serious work of OD in a cultural context.  Wow, youíre good!

I know I speak for all my colleagues in thanking you for helping to shape our organizational culture at Babcock.



Sandra Mikush
Assistant Director
Mary Reynolds Babcock Foundation

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