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More notes from the field

Workshops and Seminars
Social Justice / Diversity and Inclusion / Collaboration Building

Immersion Training Conference
Washington, D. C.
National Funding Collaborative on Violence Prevention.

"At the closing plenary, Paula hollers, 'OK.  The style of this next song is  AFROBILLY.  Now I can't play this bass and this drum at the same time. SOMEbody help a sister out!!!'  This Latino guy comes up from way in the back of the room… he’s good, man….from then on, Homes, everybody was jamming!”
Youth participant/observer for NFCVP Training

Comments from participants:
"…..music is a valuable medium for building collaboration.
"Paula did an excellent job….crossing cultural boundaries doesn't have to feel so challenging."
"Not only was it practical, it was fun and relaxing"
"The openness, caring knowledge and music/heart of Paula! Thank you."

Conflict Resolution / Violence Prevention / Elementary School

Dr. Larke (smile)

Truly and honestly, I call you Dr. because your presence ushers in the Creator's healing power. You inspire me and you have inspired our children.
She shall reveal the face of wisdom and her soul will echo the songs of our foreparents. Rare, but so familiar is her music: the Spirituals of the liberated and balm for the imprisoned. A sister "from way back when" - a close acquaintance and still... good friend.
A spontaneous salute to Dr. Larke, from Ms. Jackson
             Peace and Blessings

Email from Darlene Jackson, Director of Programming, Bell Foundation, New York City

Community Building
Managing Information for Rural America
Kellogg Foundation in collaboration with Carpetbag Theatre Inc. of Knoxville, TN
Washington, D.C.

Comment from Carpetbag Executive Director, Linda Parris-Bailey:
“[Paula is] the quintessential creative partner…”

Comments from participants:
“Your music reminded me that I come from a musical culture and that it is a vital resource for affecting change.”
“Thank you for bringing Carpetbag and their wonderful music to us.”
“Carpetbag’s music was not only instructional in a fun way, but kept me awake and connected for the entire conference!”
                                                   for information on Carpetbag Theatre go to www.korrnet.org/carpetbg

"…the Division [of Youth Services, State of NC] will go on record as recommending you to any school, youth organization or adult group as your presentations encompass all age groups.  The staff members at our schools who were privileged to attend your presentations were unanimous in their praise, as were participants at the
Region VI CBA Conference…"

Carl Hampton, Chief of Education ('96)
Division of Youth Services


"Brilliant. Spectacular. Best leadership content and delivery."  "Your presentation was thought provoking and entertaining - a highlight of the day."  You expanded our participants' knowledge, enlarged their vision and underscored the necessity of their involvement in the compelling issues of our times.

Letter from Karen Heller w/ participant's comments.
 LEADERSHIP AMERICA- National Leadership Conferences


Paula at the Housing First! Rally

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